Voter Education

Dear young friends,

Stand Up , Now you are 18 + . Awake to choose proper leaders who are righteous and can lead others on the right path. People , therefore should carefully think that the future destiny of India rests on the decisive power of your VOTE. When you cast your Vote to the right contesting candidate, you can elect a right Leader to rule this Nation. When a Wrong Candidate enters into Politics he spoils the system of administration. The whole constituency from where he contests suffers because of his arbitrary actions. An voter generally falls in a dilemma when all the contesting candidates are unworthy of his Franchise. In that scenario he is compelled to cast his Vote to any one among the contesting candidate unwillingly.

But now the Supreme Court of India on 27th September 2013 gave a direction to Election Commission that an Voter should be given an opportunity even to reject all the contesting candidates by opting an option NOTA [ None Of The Above ] on the Electronic voting machine [ EVM ]. In accordance to the direction the Election Commission is making necessary provision in EVMs to provide a button for opting NOTA [ NONE OF THE ABOVE ].

This helps all the Voters who come to the polling booth and decide not to vote for any of the candidates in the fray, are able to exercise their right not to Vote while maintaining their right of secrecy. NOTA shall be printed in a separate panel on the ballot paper below the name of the last contesting candidate. This ballot paper shall be affixed on the Ballot Unit of the EVM. If the Voter presses the button next to “NONE OF THE ABOVE”, his / her desire not to vote for any of the candidates in the fray will get recorded in the EVM in secrecy.

Hence NOTA is going to be a new weapon in the hands of the Electors. Awareness of NOTA option on EVM is meagre among the Electors. There is a dire necessity of its wide Publicity.

So let us ALL join hands to take the power of NOTA option to the knowledge of everyone who crossed 18+ to elect a Right Leader so as to constitute the Best Government to rule the country.


Note: The above content was under the initiation from Mr.K.Srinivas, working as a teacher for State Govt of Andhra Pradesh in Karimnagar Dist, Andhra Pradesh. And of course it was fired and fine tuned by Mr.Bhaskar, working for a well reputed company.