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Do you know that there will be expiry date for domestic LPG cylinder ? If not, know now.

Some of the facts
1) Inside the domestic LPG cylinder, gas is stored under certain pressure in the form of liquid.
2) These domestic LPG cylinders are to be certified by Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation ( PESO )
(Formerly Department of Explosives) or the firms authorized by the PESO .

For more information log on to http://peso.gov.in/

How to recognize the expiry date?
On one of the three strips / shoulders ( Inside the top part of the cylinder )
you will find the following

C-10 (on white background with black lettering or vice versa)
Go through the photographs which are there for ready reference

What does the C stands for ?
The year is divided into 4 quarters. They are as follows

A January, February, March
B April, May, June
C July, August, September
D October, November, December

What does the number 10 stands for ?
This represents the year of expiry.
And C 10 means
The cylinder will be due for its expiry in the month of July, August, or
September and in the year 2010.

First educate this to your neighbours to ensure that you are staying in safe zone.

For more Information Click here to download the Excel File.

So, kindly educate and forward this mail to all your neighbours, friends,
relatives, near and dear as early as possible for our safety.