Greetings from India is my country !

Dear responsible citizens of India,

The website has come into existence for below reasons.

  • To engage all the citizens of India constructively in the POLITICAL & DEMOCRATIC PROCESS ( rather than just criticizing the systems ) by reinventing, redefining and synchronizing the usage of different tools of technology and democracy judiciously, with a mission Operation -- India Is My Country OI or in Hindi we can pronounce it as OI #OperationIndiaIsMyCountry, as below

A ANYWHERE ANYTIME -- A --- OI OI - A A for 100% voting

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AA AADHAAR -- A A --- OI OI - AA AA for
100% for the below
" BAAHUBALI " for Digital India
Unique Identity for every citizen of India
Perfect re-engineering tool with a 360 degrees view
De-duplication of AADHAAR numbers and in every sector
Will force to do the reconciliation of various legislation acts
Smart policing and investigation by Geo tagging the AADHAAR
NATIONAL INTEGRATION in terms of Socio - Techno - Geographic - Economic
Criteria for deciding the Below Poverty Line / Economically backward class categories
And zero % for legal heir issues
To share the various information which is useful in our general daily life, especially the rural India, with a mission OPERATION RURAL INDIA
Thanking you
Warm regards

India is my country